Not to be confused with Light on Racine, the Light Club situated in the O’Hare Hilton is the last of the original 20s-era speakeasies that inspired the old Playboy Clubs. The waitstaff consists of lovely and charming can-can girls dressed in corsets, tassels and fishnet
In what was once a sketchy part of town but is now much improved, the South Loop Club Bar & Grill is a longtime oasis even with suspect policies and a Bennigan’s-meets-Hollywood Grill atmosphere. Area students, blue collar sports fans, neighborhood night owls and visitors
o the untrained eye, Poag Mahone’s comes across as a surprisingly authentic Irish pub where few but cheesy sports bars, over-priced lounges and old-school dive bars have feared to tread. Experienced night owls will recognize Poag Mahone’s for it’s true nature: part of the trader’s
160 Piano & Cabaret opened in 2006 after a major face lift. It served previously as Annex 3, once a famous stomping ground for gay athletes. Long-time owner Jim Flint felt the bar needed to be revamped, renamed and, although it remains a gay bar,
Hamburger Mary’s Rec Room is a place that lets patrons enjoy all the perks that Hamburger Mary’s restaurant has to offer but in a sports bar setting. Located in the heart of Chicago’s far north Andersonville neighborhood, the Rec Room is another addition to the
Antioxidants are compounds that may protect our cells from highly reactive molecules called “free radicals.” Free radicals are molecules that can form as the result of normal body processes or through harmful environmental exposures such as cigarette smoke or radiation. These unstable molecules can damage
For everyone, there comes a time when you graduate from 25¢ wing night, beer pong and „speed mating,” and start looking for more sophisticated nightlife options. To further your studies, you could pay a visit to a European-style taverna, a trendy gastropub and a chic
The son of a Louisiana sharecropper, legendary bluesman and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee George „Buddy” Guy first arrived in Chicago in 1957, penniless and hungry, but he impressed Muddy Waters and started playing in his band. In the 1970s, Buddy kept his