Back to opportunities in real estate: if you were tempted by the Minneapolis skyway but you’re saving your money for something a bit warmer throughout the year, consider snapping up the „Submarine Pits on Boca Chica Key.” As Sotheby’s describes the carved landscape of submarine
The most important thing is to enjoy your life & to be happy. It’s all that matters.
The London-based ScanLab Projects, featured here many times before, have completed a new commission, this time from the British Postal Museum & Archive, to document the so-called „Mail Rail,” a network of underground tunnels that opened back in 1927. As Subterranea Britannica explains, the tunnels
A gorgeous project called Non_Sequitur: A Neighborhood by Anthony Morey, made while still a B.A. student at SCI-Arc under the guidance of Dwayne Oyler and Thom Mayne, is well worth a look. Morey describes the project as a strict exploration of drawing, tracking the effects
A post yesterday over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun described a new game called „Kieru,” in which monochromatic ninjas lost in a monochromatic landscape alternately blend in with and radically stand out from their architectural surroundings. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun explains, the design of the game
South of San Francisco, a whole town is being deformed by plate tectonics. These are the slow but relentless landscape effects known as “fault creep.” The signs that something’s not right aren’t immediately obvious, but, once you see them, they’re hard to tune out. Curbs
A Washington state legislator has channeled his inner Hans Hollein, proposing the radical adaptive urban reuse of discarded military equipment: turning old aircraft carriers into a new toll bridge for Seattle. From gCaptain: A Washington state lawmaker looking to ease traffic congestion for several Puget
I found this thing in my desk again last night, and, as you can tell from the date in the image, below, it’s been following me around since 1998 (!). However, after seventeen years of carrying random clippings like this around in files, folders, drawers,
Many people, especially young students looking at becoming architects and enrolling in an architecture school, often wonder if architecture is an art form. Can they call themselves artists, without too much pretension? A large number of architects will probably agree that those who create or